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The dash on my ’84 Grand Marquis was pristine when I got it. A month or two later it had split itself down the middle, after a series of tiny cracks in the center speaker grille. I’m told the previous owner probably used the Armor-All on it I didn’t, and that’s why I’m. I have taken great care of. I recently read online that extended use of Armor All can actually cause the dash to crack prematurely, due to some chemicals in the formula. Apparently, silicone in the substance can cause plastics to break down over time and cause eventual cracking and discoloration.

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Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder announced on Friday that National Grid will be taking on the repairs as opposed to the city, and the work is expected to be complete by the end of May The stretch of road was closed unexpectedly on December 31, and has been closed ever since, without any word on when it would reopen, until now. The coal tunnel is said to be intact, but National Grid will fill in the underground tunnel to prevent and further undermining of the street, according to Goldfeder.

As part of his announcement, Goldfeder said there is an optimistic target date for completion.

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In May, a partnership of three people opposed to abortion, including state Sen. Paul Hartnett of Bellevue, bought the building used by Dr. They want to evict Carhart, who is one of only three doctors in Nebraska known to perform abortions. Carhart has gone to court, arguing that his lease allows him first right to buy the building. Also in May, an anti-abortion group sent letters to 13 area mayors, asking them to take a stand against Carhart moving to their communities. In addition, in October, the University of Nebraska Medical Center said it is dropping Carhart as a volunteer faculty member.

The medical center gave no reason. Voters also approved new campaign finance restrictions and a measure that would send thousands of drug users to treatment programs instead of jail. Bush until the final weeks of the campaign, when Green Party candidate Ralph Nader helped make the race closer. Although the national race was extremely tight, California voters clearly wanted more of Gore. With two-thirds of precincts reporting, Feinstein had 55 percent of the vote; Campbell had 37 percent.

Adam Schiff 50 percent to 47 percent with nearly one-third of precincts reporting.

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Berkeley has been at the forefront of the movement in the Bay Area. For a movement unknown in the United States until , Fair Trade has certainly acquired momentum. The movement needs to establish a brand name which consumers can recognize.

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This is going to take a while, please be patient. Found 4 records in General Asylum. Posted by fred76 on , Still a good read though. If you must use a switch in a preamp that an audio signal direc I just checked out the Daphile installation page and understand it better now.. Just a slightly OT question though.. Have you tried installing Daphile on Windows? How would you compare Daphile with let’s say Jriver MC21 audio only mode if yo

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Ulta to open this month Plus: A grand opening will follow on Oct. The business is occupying a 8, square foot spot in the same building that houses Mattress Firm, near the corner of Old Aberdeen Road and 18th Avenue North.

History of Scala. Scala is a general purpose programming language. It was created and developed by Martin Odersky. Martin started working on Scala in at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL).

Personally I don’t know that there’s any watch that would really get me to start wearing watches at all again — I never liked them that much to begin with. But this knocks down an awful lot of the criticisms I’ve had of existing smartwatches. The smaller Apple Watch is 38mm, certainly not small but by no means an irrationally huge behemoth. Even the larger is only 42mm, I believe. When you consider the three lines, two sizes, and multiple bands, there’s dozens of combinations available.

You may personally not like the fashion sense, but other than the Moto this is the first smartwatch that’s had a fashion sense to criticize. And guys, the Moto is 46mm, so let’s not pretend it’s svelte, either. But what’s really interesting to me is that Apple has clearly put a lot more thought into how interactions on a device like this should work than anybody else.

Yes, I’m sure every single component has an antecedent you can point to, just like the iPhone’s interaction model. Except that nobody put it all together like that before the iPhone. And nobody put it all together like this before the Apple Watch.

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December 8, , 5: May 29, , 8: If she dosent notice, thatmeans you could go in for the kill. If the girl is wearing jeans,you wont really feel it since its hard.

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Scala Functions vs Methods Scala has both functions and methods. Most of the time we can ignore this distinction, but sometimes we have to deal with the fact that they are not quite the same thing. In my Scala Syntax Primer I mention that I use the terms method and function interchangeably in the discussion. This is a simplification. In many situations, you can ignore the difference between functions and methods and just think of them as the same thing, but occasionally you may run into a situation in which the difference matters.

This is analogous to how most of us treat mass and weight. In our daily lives on the surface of planet Earth, we treat them as interchangeable units, with 1Kg being the same as 2.

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September 21, 2: I found it while searching on Yahoo News. Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News?

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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the latest in the Call of Duty franchise, arms gamers with an arsenal of advanced and powerful modern day firepower and transports them to the most treacherous hot spots around the glode to take on a rogue enemy group threatening the world. As both a U. Play Call of Duty: Manjashan Ghotra, approximately 1 minute ago, October The original Call Of Duty 4:

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