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Located in the Karijini Eco Retreat Restaurant the multicourse lunch went down a treat! The wines by Miles From Nowhere were delicious, hit the spot, and matched the different courses. The waiters and waitress were also from the Pilbara Insititute and did a great job of replenishing our glasses and serving up course after course of yummy food! The multi-course menu had our mouths watering. Mark donned a headset and in between cooking, he explained his passion for bush foods and encouraged us to use the bushfood condiments on the table to enhance the flavours of the menu. I couldn’t pick a favourite dish. From the marinated lamb cutlet, dusted with Kutjura on a bed of river mint mash, to the seared prawn fettuccine in lemon myrtle butter – it was all delicious. The lamb – yum!

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Add A holiday to the Northern Territory introduces you to a diverse and stunning state. From the Top End’s lush wetlands to the scorched outback of the Red Centre, Northern Territory holidays will leave you in awe of nature’s extremeties. Explore the fascinating tropical city of Darwin , perfect for relaxing with a laid-back atmosphere that makes the area so popular with visitors. Bordered by the Timor Sea, Darwin has great beaches, art galleries and a host of attractions to explore on its waterfront.

Go sailing or explore along Cullen Bay Marina, before ending your day at Mindil Beach Sunset Market, where you can browse the stalls for arts and crafts souvenirs, and try fresh and tasty dishes from around the world. Great for experiencing the wilder side of life, here you can see the saltwater crocodile, buffalo, lizards, barramundi and wallabies that have made the area their home.

Eco-friendly open-air urinals cause uproar in Paris and cities in Belgium and Australia have also trialed them. have a long history in Paris, dating back to the late s when they were.

DNA study suggests Asia was settled in multiple waves of migration September 22, An international team of researchers studying DNA patterns from modern and archaic humans has uncovered new clues about the movement and intermixing of populations more than 40, years ago in Asia. Aboriginal Australians were the first explorers: Genome study rewrites the history books September 22, An international team of researchers has for the first time sequenced the genome of a man who was an Aboriginal Australian.

They have shown that modern day Aboriginal Australians are the direct descendents of the first people Australia discovered by the ‘Southern Route’ July 21, Genetic research indicates that Australian Aborigines initially arrived via south Asia. Researchers writing in the open access journal BMC Evolutionary Biology have found telltale mutations in modern-day Indian populations Dingo came earlier and by different route: DNA analysis of ancient remains to uncover origin mysteries July 18, Griffith University researchers will analyse DNA sequences from ancient human remains, some dating back 45, years, to determine the origins of the peoples of South-east Asia and Australia.

Recommended for you Effort clarifies major branch of insect tree of life November 26, The insects known as Hemiptera are not a particularly glamorous bunch. This group includes stink bugs, bed bugs, litter bugs, scale insects and aphids. Their closest relatives are thrips, bark lice and parasitic lice. How ancient Mayan shell decor led to a new look at freshwater mussels south of the border November 26, The ancient Maya are not particularly known for their love of freshwater mussels.

Mathematics, maize, pyramids and human sacrifice, yes. Natural habitats larger than Greece created to offset economic developments November 26, New data has found that natural habitats occupying an area larger than Greece have been created to offset economic developments.

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The process, known as alkaline hydrolysis, uses chemicals, heat, and pressure to dissolve bodies to bone in less than three hours and uses significantly less energy than cremation. However these burials are already taking place in several countries, including Australia and the USA. Canadian company AquaGreen said last year it had completed more than water cremations in its first year of business.

The solution is filtered twice before being put flushed into the Ontario water supply and the company said the process is:

Green up your backyard while saving some green when you learn how to landscape with low-maintenance plants, choose chemical-free materials, and shape your yard with an eco .

The revolutionary milk bottle is made out of recycled paper A new environmentally-friendly milk bottle is set to go on sale in supermarkets throughout the UK. The bottles, which comprises of an outer shell made from recycled paper and a thin plastic liner to store the milk, will be rolled out across all Asda stores after a successful pilot scheme. The revolutionary outer shell of the green cartons, which look similar to a normal plastic milk bottle, can be recycles again or thrown away and will decompose in a matter of weeks.

The average plastic bottle takes around years to decompose and 15 million bottles are used every day according to The Guardian. Mr Mysercough said he came up with the idea after speaking to a friend at a local pub. He told the paper: Over 18 months, his team based in Framlingham worked on their design. GreenBottle was first piloted in the Lowestoft branch of ASDA in May and sold at the same price as the milk in conventional containers. It will now be a permanent fixture on the shelves nationwide starting with stores in Cornwall this week.

Speaking in Chris Brown, head of ethical and sustainable sourcing at ASDA, said they had been impressed by the concept model. Enlarge An outer shell is made from paper, loose inner bag is inserted into a paper spout. The bag is folded and placed into the outer shell. The bottle is glued and filled.

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Our Tuesday night Salsa classes in St Kilda have been running for over 10 years Our classes are now held in two rooms not one More space, less noise and more comfort for you!

Gene flow from India to Australia about 4, years ago January 14, , Max Planck Society 4, years ago, Australia was no longer connected to the mainland as it had been during the ice age.

By Tara Kelly Green singletons pucker up! It looks like you may not be flying solo for long. Staying true to your eco-friendly values could pay off when it comes to attracting potential mates, according to a new survey. After conducting an online poll of more than 1, men and women age 18 or older in January , the Timberland Eco-Survey revealed more than three-quarters of Americans find eco-minded behaviors an attractive quality in a mate. More specifically, being eco-friendly around the house and practicing conscious consumption were among the top eco-qualities, with each trait being attractive to 50 and 30 percent of respondents, respectively.

According to the study, 56 percent of the fairer sex are more likely to be turned off by anti-environmental behavior, while just 47 percent of males would question whether to date someone with similar behavior. This isn’t the first time green lifestyles have been linked to finding the perfect match.

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Lincoln then joined forces with Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh for further research. Unaware that the documents had been forged, Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln used them as a major source for their book. Comparing themselves to the reporters who uncovered the Watergate scandal , the authors maintain that only through speculative “synthesis can one discern the underlying continuity, the unified and coherent fabric, which lies at the core of any historical problem.

According to the authors’ claims, the Priory of Sion is devoted to installing the Merovingian dynasty , which ruled the Franks from to , on the thrones of France and the rest of Europe.

Steve Keen, Debt­watch, and any employ­ees or asso­ciates will not be held liable for any losses result­ing from deci­sions taken by any indi­vid­ual or entity as a con­se­quence of read­ing mate­ri­als on this blog.

The Sixties saw the first buildings designed to take into account their environmental impact and energy performance. And they often looked — paradoxically — intimidatingly industrial, with their arrays of solar panels, visible pipes and complex window arrangements. And there has been a growing understanding among urban designers that the building itself can be only part of the story — a cog in the environmental machine our cities might become. A resident of Copenhagen consumes a ninth of the energy a resident of Detroit consumes, even though the two cities are in more or less the same climate zone.

HayesDavidson Petrol consumption, a key environmental indicator, is directly related to the density of a city. And density — think Holland Park, west London — is often more attractive than sprawl — think faceless suburbia. While all this is accepted in the mainstream design world, the change seen over the past five years or so is that we have entered a new era of eco-fantasy architecture.

The awkward fact is, a tree on a balcony does not do a great deal to save the planet. Real environmentalists might say that making these showy fantasy-eco buildings, in the context of climate change, is like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.

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When it featured on the Channel 4 programme in , Simon and Jasmine Dale’s home was described as “the cheapest house ever built in the Western Hemisphere”. The three bedroom house had been made with reclaimed materials, including glass and timber. It was insulated with sheep’s wool. The couple spent six years building it in the sustainable community of Lammas in rural Pembrokeshire. But a fire broke out on New Year’s Day and the house was destroyed after firefighters fought at the scene for more than six hours.

Now, friends have set up a crowdfunding page to help the couple re-build.

Body Sugaring is a centuries old hair removal practice dating back to the ear of the Ancient Egyptians. An all-natural sugar paste is applied to the desired treatment area and the hair is effectively removed in the direction of the hair growth.

Kempsey including Gladstone Central town on the mid north coast with access to many delightful coastal retreats. Located km north-east of Sydney on the Macleay River, Kempsey is a large and important rural centre which is a popular stopping point for people making the journey north along the Pacific Highway. Its location – approximately halfway between Sydney and the Queensland border and on a pleasant river – ensures that weary travellers use it for a necessary break. It was first settled by Europeans, as was common through most of the New South Wales north coast, by cedar cutters who moved into the area in the late s.

The first recorded European settler was Captain A. Innes, who at the time was the commandant at Port Macquarie. He sent a cedar cutting party to the Macleay River in

Timberland Eco-Love Survey 2012: Women More Attracted To Green Behavior

Weathertex is a specialist exterior wall panels supplier and weatherboard company offering the best quality products available on the market. From classic to modern styles, we offer all the cladding and timber wall panelling you need for projects of any size, and are committed to keeping our prices as affordable as possible so that you can enjoy quality products without blowing your budget.

Why choose our lightweight, natural timber exterior wall cladding systems?

Garth Garth – 14th November Garth is the Mirror’s time-travelling comic strip superhero. The strip originally ran from to The strip originally ran from to

Queensland Rainforest Hideaway in Cape Tribulation, Daintree, North Queensland Deep inside the world’s oldest rainforest at Cape Tribulation, North Queensland, you will find this amazing, owner-built, tropical design house. Several cabins surround this house, regular visits by wildlife including two cassowaries, near beach, restaurants and shop, reef trips and other tours pick up from the gate. A rock pool to cool you down in the hot times, a fireplace for the cool and wet times.

Click here to visit the website for more information The cottage has its own ensuite, with a balcony which overhangs the creek, and a verandah with a stunning view to Mt Sorrow in all its moods. They are committed to environmental conservation – solar power, privately owned World Heritage Rainforest and an organic permaculture orchard – a tropical Eden where the rainforest meets the reef.

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We are XVenture.

San Jose Our singles trip begins as you arrive in San Jose and are met at the Juan Santamaria airport and transferred to our hotel. Meet your fellow travelers and tour leader at the Welcome Dinner not included at the RBG restaurant, right in our hotel. Vacation Day 2 – Saturday: During the two hour trip, we will observe various animals and vegetation. We arrive in time for lunch.

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BMO Australia is a Premium Australian Fashion Brand born from this rich family Heritage, embodied by dedicated craftsmanship and perfectly harmonised with pure Australian values. The Australian Made Campaign not only supports the Australian economy, but more importantly maintains Global leading standards and codes of practices regarding; how and where raw materials are sourced, workplace rights and workplace conditions, Animal cruelty prevention and Environmental protection.

To receive updates on upcoming events, give away promotions, and the release of new collections join the BMO Australia Family and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest! Carefully Handcrafted Equally important to each and every one of our Master Craftsmen, and Ladies, is the passion, attention to detail and quality that is only created by Handcrafting a boot with care.

Inspecting every skin with their delicate touch, generations of craftsmen use processes that are tried and true. Their boots are the Original Australian Winter Boots.

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