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It wasn’t the customer’s fault, yet it triggered late fees. The 5 On Your Side team found documented problems with billing delays. Some customers say the delays prompted ongoing, frustrating battles. Duke Energy Progress even called it a ” payment posting delay fiasco. Something’s not jiving here. He faxed a copy to Duke Energy. On his next bill, there was still no credit. McCorquodale was told to pay again, right away, to keep his power on. Duke got his check the day it was due, but didn’t post it until four days later. He complained to the North Carolina Utilities Commission and got it resolved.

Duke Energy announces 2017 Power Partner award winners

AP — Duke Energy’s chief executive said Wednesday the company is putting together a detailed plan to clean up nearly three dozen leaky coal ash pits across the state. But Lynn Good told a business group at a Charlotte luncheon that it could take time to complete the task because Duke was taking a “fact-based and disciplined approach” to the problem. Duke’s 14 coal-fired plants in North Carolina have 33 waste pits, all along lakes and rivers. We need to make sure the solutions make sense,” she said.

She said the company takes responsibility for the Feb. But she said the spill never threatened the drinking water of communities along the Dan River, adding that the overall water quality of the river is back to normal.

Duke spokeswoman Erin Culbert, for example, said recently that in spending billions of dollars to clean up or cap old pits, the utility is on “common ground” with environmentalists. The company is complying with a state law that requires it to provide its plants’ neighbors with clean drinking water.

Is customer debt similar to debt incurred investing in infrastructure, such as building new facilities? These are inquiries the EFC received a few weeks ago, related to recent news that Western Pennsylvania gas and electric utilities have hundreds of millions in outstanding, unpaid bills. If you are interested in learning more about how to evaluate the liabilities that a utility carries, head over to our blog post about utility debt risk.

Unfortunately, it turns out that Duquesne used to be a public company, but it is now owned by Macquarie Group, an Australian company. Continuing on with our sleuth work, we could try looking at a different, stand-alone utility whose statements are public to just get a sense of how customer debt is treated. Duke Energy here in North Carolina is a good example. The very first step is to skip anything in the beginning pages and go straight to the table of contents.

Go straight to it. Start with Item 1: What does this company do? How do they make money? Move on to Item 1A: Branch out to other statements if needed after that.

Watchdog group uncovers a coal ash spill after hurricane flooding

On Friday, the state approved Duke’s emergency plan to repair the large crack. North Carolina Department of Environmental and Natural Resources The nation’s largest electricity provider could soon be back on the hook for a once-settled lawsuit alleging that it illegally contaminated groundwater through leaky coal ash dumps near Charlotte and Asheville in North Carolina.

Advertisement But on Friday, the the state’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources said it was asking for a judge to throw out that settlement, citing another judge’s ruling this month that the agency was relying on bad legal advice when it agreed to the deal.

The judge’s Dec. 22 decision, after a bench trial, is a rare dose of good news for Duke over the controversial Levy project, which Duke inherited when it acquired Progress Energy in

But the power giant is fighting back with the help of friends in high places. On the gas plant front, Duke Energy earlier this month asked the N. Though the bond is supposed to offset costs stemming from a delay in starting construction, Duke Energy has not shown any evidence that the appeal would lead to delays. They also argue that Duke would end up building unneeded power plants that would raise consumer rates. The bill has some provisions environmentalists like, such as requiring Duke Energy to provide piped water or filtration systems to owners of coal ash-contaminated wells.

But controversially, the measure would change current plans for cleaning up coal ash impoundments. However, DEQ also allowed the classifications to be revisited in 18 months, giving Duke Energy time to strengthen dams or take other steps that would make the impoundments less risky. Under the existing law, after extensive public comments, DEQ was forced to conclude that Duke Energy must remove its coal ash from its dangerous and leaking pits across the state.

Now, after heavy lobbying by Duke Energy, the Raleigh politicians want to re-open the process to try to find a way to let Duke Energy off the hook. Popular Resistance provides a daily stream of resistance news from across the United States and around the world. We also organize campaigns and participate in coalitions on a broad range of issues. We do not use advertising or underwriting to support our work.

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Insurers: We’re off the hook, Duke Energy knew coal ash risk

Share An substantial but undetermined amount of coal ash was found floating on the surface of the Neuse River in a layer more than an inch thick. The following day, the state responded. The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality DEQ sent Duke a letter requiring the company to determine exactly how much coal ash had been released, come up with a testing plan for water and sediment near the basin, and assess any damage to the facility. Over a million tons of coal ash is contained in the storage ponds that were submerged underwater, temporarily becoming part of the river after the hurricane passed through.

Duke Energy’s request to raise rates in an area that includes the Charlotte region was denied on Friday by the North Carolina Utilities Commission. That was a rare rejection for the Charlotte.

In need of additional funding to further his ambitious plan for construction of a series of hydroelectric power plants, Wylie convinced James Buchanan Duke to invest in the Southern Power Company, founded in The film documents the use of “gun thugs” to intimidate striking workers. The facilities include refineries and oil wells throughout the region. With the purchase of Cinergy Corporation announced in and completed on April 3, , Duke Energy Corporation’s customer base grew to include the Midwestern United States as well.

The company operates nuclear power plants, coal-fired plants, conventional hydroelectric plants, natural-gas turbines to handle peak demand, and pumped hydro storage. After the spin-off, Duke Energy now receives the majority of its revenue from its electric operations in portions of North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. Rogers’ retirement was part of an agreement to end an investigation into Duke’s Progress Energy acquisition in The site is jointly owned by Duke Power and Southern Company.

Duke plans to develop the site for two Westinghouse Electric Company AP advanced passive pressurized water reactors. Each reactor is capable of producing approximately 1, megawatts. See Nuclear Power Program. Environmental record[ edit ] In the United States Environmental Protection Agency commenced an enforcement action against Duke Energy for making modifications to very old and deteriorating coal-burning power plants without getting permits under the Clean Air Act.

Duke asserted that a “modification” under the Clean Air Act did not require a permit.

DEQ lets Duke Energy off the hook for coal ash

Ratepayers attend a rally to demand clean, safe and renewable energy outside the Duke Energy Florida headquarters Saturday, Sept. The settlement is one of the largest electric utility settlements in US history, it passed with very little public comment or input. A two day hearing was held in Tallahassee with lawyers, accountants, Duke executives and intervening parties. In a 4 to 1 vote commissioners thoughtthis settlement was in the best interest of the customers, without hearing from the customers themselves.

Tallahassee is an over 4 hour drive for most people in Dukes service territory.

“Without the Duke Energy Center and without the great facilities and professionalism of Duke and Spectrum we would have had to break it up into multiple facilities. There’s no question that having the Duke Energy Center within the walking grid of downtown and the competition venues greatly enhanced the quality of the bid and will add to the.

Developers called the plan the “Hoover Dam” of the 21st century and said it would solve one of renewable energy’s longstanding problems, namely how to deliver wind and solar power at times when consumers need it most. The wind farm, combined with the storage facility, will be able to operate much like a coal-fired power plant, they said, delivering baseline power to the electrical grid.

Indeed, the project is expected to become operational in , the year a coal plant is expected to shut down and free space on an existing transmission line running from Utah to California. The proposal is a mix of old and new. Renewable power producers have long struggled with how to deliver their electricity during hours of high demand.

Solar power often generates power during the middle of the day when demand is lower. Wyoming wind power, which typically peaks in the afternoon and evening, is able to meet late-day demand but is less equipped to deliver electricity during the morning. Permitting for the project had stalled, but Tuesday’s announcement suggests work may begin anew, Drain said.

Under the proposal, excess electricity would be sent from the wind farm over a mile power line to a five-mile long, two-mile deep salt deposit outside Delta, Utah. Electricity there would be used to compress air into four underground caverns hallowed out of the salt deposit. During times of high-demand, air would be released, turning a turbine to create electricity. Not every salt dome is dense enough, big enough or hard enough.

Duke Energy Solar Rebates Now Available In NC

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State regulators approve Duke Energy rate hike; see how you will be affected. The commission’s decision effectively raises the monthly rate for residential customers from $ to $

June 14, 1: Both sides filed the document in describing a litigation timeline that would lead to trial in mid Insight by Red Hat: Learn how forward-looking agencies are leaning toward DevSecOps. Advertisement They note that Duke was well aware that burning coal to generate electricity leaves byproducts containing toxic substances that can contaminate groundwater. By the s Duke submitted insurance claims to some of the defendants and other insurers for the same ash ponds that are now at issue in this action.

Senate coal ash benefits Duke Energy, betrays public

When can I subscribe to more than one block? At this time because inventory is limited to the number of panels initially allocated to SECO by Seminole, members are limited to one block of four panels. What are the future plans for program expansion? If all of the four-panel bundles become fully subscribed, SECO will manage a waiting list for interested members. At that point, SECO will also begin to assess its option for future community solar farms either through Seminole Electric, our wholesale power provider, or through another party with whom SECO can contract through to purchase the output of an additional large-scale solar installation.

What kind of panels are used in the array?

Regulators sign off on Duke Energy deal. By Jim SaundersNews Service of Florida “Shareholders are going to be on the hook (for) costs associated with that proposal. Base rates make up a.

Wildlife detectives scan the woods high and low in search of creatures. He and his friends started picking the rocks up. Mary Bures, Great Outdoors University program manager, said she enjoys watching the children discover nature. The program leads three to five nature walks every weekday in the summer and served nearly 30, Charlotte-area children since it started in Children spend half as much time outdoors as they did 20 years ago, according to the National Wildlife Federation.

In addition to physical benefits associated with exercise, spending more time in nature can lead to lower stress levels and sharper critical thinking skills. This is the third year the Duke Energy Foundation has sponsored the program, but the first year Duke Energy has hosted field trips on its property.

The plant is only about 20 miles north of Charlotte in Huntersville, but it does feel different. Armed with binoculars, magnifying glasses and field guides, the group marched through the woods down steep hills, dodging spider webs and stepping over logs to see what they could find.

Whoopsie! Duke Energy spilled.

Illustration of the proposed Asheville gas plant via Duke Energy’s website. Duke Energy is facing serious regulatory battles in its home state of North Carolina, with climate-action groups doggedly trying to block the company’s planned fracked gas plant in Asheville and the state’s environmental agency recently deciding — at least temporarily — that all of the company’s coal ash impoundments must be excavated and the waste moved to safer dry storage.

But the power giant is fighting back with the help of friends in high places. On the gas plant front, Duke Energy earlier this month asked the N.

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June 14, The claim is in a filing by lawyers for nearly 30 international and domestic insurance companies that were sued by Duke Energy in March to force them to cover part of the utility’s coal ash cleanup costs in the Carolinas. The 57 policies generally promise to help Duke pay what it’s legally obligated to pay for property damage “caused by an occurrence,” even if liability for an incident doesn’t become known until decades later, the Charlotte-based company said in the same filing last week in the state court that hears complex business cases.

Both sides filed the document in describing a litigation timeline that would lead to trial in mid The insurers counter they’re not on the hook to pay. They say that because Duke Energy stored its coal ash in unlined pits as part of its normal practices, any property damage “was caused intentionally, by or at Duke’s direction” and there weren’t any distinct pollution events that triggered coverage.

Duke Energy Convention Center

However, DENR and Duke entered into a proposed settlement that does not require Duke Energy to clean up its coal ash pollution, and almost citizens and organizations submitted comments opposed to the settlement. The coal ash lagoons at Allen have sprung leaks and are spilling contaminated water into Lake Norman. Coal ash storage at both the Allen and the Marshall plants has contaminated groundwater right next to the drinking water supplies with pollutants including Boron, Nickel, Manganese, Sulfate, Total Dissolved Solids, and Iron.

DENR filed the pending state enforcement action on August 16, , without the participation of the conservation groups that had given DENR and Duke notice of the illegal pollution.

Home News DEQ lets Duke Energy off the hook Per the Coal Ash Management Actenacted in in response to Duke Energy’s Those deemed “high” risk would have to be cleaned up by Duke .

The basin is now being prepared for a natural gas plant. The Duke Energy Carolinas rate increase would average Meanwhile, Duke Energy Progress, the operating subsidiary for eastern areas of the Carolinas, asked regulators in June to allow it to raise power bills by an average 15 percent for 1. About 70 percent of the costs and future electricity allocation of the proposed Lee plant were intended for North Carolina consumers, with the rest bound for South Carolina customers.

Considering how far along Duke Energy Carolinas was in the process of getting a federal operating license for the nuclear plant, it would have been unreasonable to suspend these efforts once the company hit the cap. Besides, Duke Energy said, it kept the commission informed in semi-annual reports, implying regulators had a chance to object before now. Westinghouse declared bankruptcy in March, scotching plans for the company to design and build the Lee plant, Duke Energy said.

Paddlers head out onto Lake Julian across the lake from the Duke Energy plant. The coal-burning plant is set to be retired by Their content is produced independently from our newsrooms.

Duke Energy explains why there could be a spike in your electric bill