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Settlements were subsequently established in Tasmania , Victoria , Queensland , the Northern Territory , Western Australia , and South Australia Australia was the exception to British imperial colonization practices, in that no treaty was drawn up setting out terms of agreement between the settlers and native proprietors, as was the case in North America, and New Zealand. In the 19th century, smallpox was the principal cause of Aboriginal deaths, and vaccinations of the “native inhabitants” had begun in earnest by the s. The cause of the outbreak is disputed. Some scholars have attributed it to European settlers, [58] [59] but it is also argued that Macassan fishermen from South Sulawesi and nearby islands may have introduced smallpox to Australia before the arrival of Europeans. The skeleton of Truganini , a Tasmanian Aboriginal who died in , was exhumed within two years of her death despite her pleas to the contrary by the Royal Society of Tasmania , and later placed on display.

Mexican Colonial Architectural History: Brief Annotated Bibliography

Medieval period The origins of vernacular writing By , when the Muslim invasion of the Iberian Peninsula began, Latin spoken there had begun its transformation into Romance. These jarchas provide evidence of a popular poetry begun perhaps as early as the 10th century, and they are related to traditional Spanish lyric types e.

Vernacular chroniclers mention many other heroic minstrel narratives, now lost, but, as a result of the incorporation of these narratives into chronicles, themes and textual passages can be reconstructed. The beginnings of prose A major influence on prose was exercised by Arabic. Oriental learning entered Christian Spain with the capture of Toledo from the Muslims, and the city became a centre of translation from Oriental languages.

A romance of the Seven Sages, the Sendebar, was translated likewise through Arabic, with other collections of Eastern stories.

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The northwest portion of Mexico, called Baja California, is separated from the rest of the nation by the Gulf of California. The Sierra Madre, an extension of the Rocky Mountain chain, divides into the Oriental range to the east and the Occidental range to the west. The central highlands, where the majority of Mexico’s 75 million people live, lies in between these two mountain systems. Overall, Mexico occupies , square miles. Over time, these early peoples built highly organized civilizations, such as the Olmec, Teotihuacan, Mayan, Toltec, Zapotec, Mixtec, and Aztec societies, the majority of which were accomplished in art, architecture, mathematics, astronomy, and agriculture.

For the next years, Mexico, or New Spain, would remain under colonial rule. Spain’s generally repressive colonial regime stifled the growth of commerce and industry, monitored or censored the dissemination of new and possibly revolutionary ideas, and limited access to meaningful political power to anyone but nativeborn Spaniards.

An unequal distribution of land and wealth developed and, as the nation grew in numbers, the disproportion between the rich and poor continued to increase, as did a sense of social unrest among the most neglected of its populace. Their discontent resulted in a successful revolt against Spain in Mining was revitalized and foreign trade increased. Dynamic growth brought relative prosperity to many economic sectors of various regions of the country, complemented by increased levels of employment.

As the century ended, however, a vast majority of the nations’s inhabitants had realized little if any improvement in their standard of living. Those residing in rural areas struggled to produce enough to survive from their own small parcels of land, or, much more likely, worked under a debt-peonage system, farming lands owned by someone infinitely wealthier than they were.


This signifies no more than that, in the system of classification and definition shown in the Arbor Porphyriana , man is a substance, corporeal, living, sentient, and rational. It is a logical definition, having reference to a metaphysical entity. It has been said that man’s animality is distinct in nature from his rationality, though they are inseparably joined, during life, in one common personality.

As such, neither has any substantial existence of its own. To be exact we should have to write: Man is one in essence.

“La bella y las bestias” is a Mexican-American telenovela for Univision and Televisa. It’s an original story written by Juan Camil Ferrand, author of successful television series ‘ Escobar: el patrón del mal ‘ and ‘ El cartel de los sapos ‘.

Callie is the oldest biological daughter of Robert Quinn and the deceased Colleen Jacob , as well as, the step-daughter of Donald Jacob. Callie’s biological father, Robert Quinn , was a wealthy upperclassman who had been in love with her mother. Colleen and Robert’s relationship was frowned upon by his family, and they decided to run away and elope. However, after pressure from the Quinn’s, Robert divorced Colleen and they went their separate ways.

During this time, Colleen found out she was pregnant with their child but chose not to tell him. When Callie was six-months-old, Colleen married Donald Jacob , whom Callie grew up believing to be her biological father. At the age of ten, her mother, Colleen , and step-father, Donald , went out to dinner, where Donald when became intoxicated and attempted to drive while under the influence.

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Program-related Resources Overview Located in the southeast of Andalusia, at the foot of Sierra Nevada, Granada is a city of stunning beauty. The artistic wealth of the city, combined with its vast cultural heritage, has inspired renowned poets, playwrights and musicians throughout the centuries. Today, Granada is a contrast between old and new, offering both rich historic sites – such as the Alhambra and the Generalife – and contemporary amenities.

The CASA-Granada program offers the opportunity for students at all levels of Spanish language proficiency to expand their horizons through a combination of rigorous academic studies, traditional immersion programming, and innovative experiential activities. Based at the University of Granada, one of Europe’s oldest universities, the program offers four different academic tracks designed for students with various levels of Spanish proficiency.

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A reporter’s collection of stories and impressions of the Mariana islands. Tuesday, March 12, Archaeologist says migration to Marianas longest ocean-crossing in human history Dr. Carson and his wife Dr. Hsiao-chun Hung at the site last Dec. Carson The House of Taga on Tinian with the latte stone ruins. Hsiao-chun Hung from Australian National University in Canberra continue to make progress with their archaeological study north of the House of Taga on Tinian as they examine what may be the earliest human habitation in the region.

Carson told Variety that previously, archaeologists concluded that the first remote-distance island settlement occurred in Melanesia and Polynesia about years ago. Marcian Pellette uncovered finely decorated pottery — the earliest pottery of the Marianas — in the s.

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Currently, the most eastern Lapita site is Mulifanua in Samoa where 4, pottery sherds and two Lapita type adzes have been recovered. The site has a true age of c. Humans, their domesticates, and species that were introduced involuntarily perhaps as the Polynesian Rat was led to extinctions of endemic species on many islands, especially of flightless birds.

Language[ edit ] Researchers suppose that the “Lapita people” spoke proto-Oceanic , a precursor of the Oceanic branch of Austronesian.

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This was an estimate, not a census, and archaeologists estimate the population may have been as high as 10, to 12, a few decades earlier. His party reported “remarkable, tall, stone figures, a good 30 feet in height”, the island had rich soil and a good climate and “all the country was under cultivation”. Fossil-pollen analysis shows that the main trees on the island had gone 72 years earlier in The Dutch reported that a fight broke out in which they killed ten or twelve islanders. The next foreign visitors arrived on 15 November They spent five days on the island, performing a very thorough survey of its coast, and named it Isla de San Carlos, taking possession on behalf of King Charles III of Spain , and ceremoniously erected three wooden crosses on top of three small hills on Poike.

Cook himself was too sick to walk far, but a small group explored the island. He had a Tahitian interpreter who could partially understand the language.

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It’s an original story written by Juan Camil Ferrand, author of successful television series ‘ Escobar: It aired from June 12 to September 10, on Univision. The main stars are Esmeralda Pimentel and Osvaldo Benavides. After Enrique confiscated a load of money laundered by Armando Quintero, Quintero and his partners decided that the best thing for their business is to kill Enrique.

Isabela realizing what happened decides to flee to her home and hide in a panic room that her father had built. But while she is in this place, she witnesses the murder of the father.

The themes of history and patriotism flourished as Spain’s power increased; among the finest achievements from this epoch was Juan de Mariana’s own translation into Spanish () of his Latin history of Spain, which marked the vernacular’s triumph for all literary purposes.

Oceanic art and architecture after European contact Effects of European contact The earliest Westerners to explore the Pacific Ocean undertook their dangerous voyages with firm determination to discover wealth in one form or another. Except in rare cases, they had no lively curiosity about the islanders. They engaged neither their interests nor their skills in recording island life; indeed, their visits were often too brief to leave time for observations.

Tense and even hostile encounters were frequent and must have further distorted the mutual views of those involved. They reveal that in general the material culture they witnessed was approximately the same as was recorded and collected by the late 18th-century explorers and their successors. Thus it seems that, in many parts of the Pacific, material culture had reached a settled state by the 16th century and remained conservative for two more centuries. Then, in the 18th century, contact with European collectors began to stimulate changes in some areas of Oceania , including the outright faking of antiquities and the adaptation of traditional forms to European fancy.

The islanders also began the manufacture for sale of favourite collectibles, such as stone adzes and weapons. Such adaptation of production has continued and remains in practice today. Australia The art styles of the Australian Aborigines fall into three groups, which follow to some extent the ecological zones of the continent. The second zone extends from the central desert region to the southeastern coast and includes sections of open eucalyptus forest and belts of tropical jungle.

The third zone is similar to the southeastern zone, but it extends to the northeastern and northern coasts including Arnhem Land and Cape York. It is thought that, at the time of European contact, the Aboriginal population about , people roughly corresponded with these divisions, the north-northeast region having the greatest numbers and the desert the least.

All material objects were necessarily portable and often served more than one purpose.

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At some point around this time the sweet potato arrived in Polynesia. This has led some scholars to think that Polynesian sailors voyaged as far as the coast of South America. Others believe that these vegetables floated on the ocean currents to their new destination. Australia was first settled some 40, years ago — at first along coasts and river banks, later from as late as BCE inland.

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Moai The best known aspect of the Rapa Nui culture is the moai, the human figures carved from rock between and CE and transported throughout Easter Island. The moai were believed to be the living faces of ancestors and had all been toppled by The moai rest on large stone platforms called ahu, the most famous of which are Ahu Tongariki , the largest ahu, and Ahu Vinapu. Some moai have hats of red volcanic stone known as Pukao. Currently, the Rapa Nui and the Chilean government are focused on preserving and restoring the statues, including denoting an area that includes many of the statues, Rapa Nui National Park , as a World Heritage site.

Object history of the Iuhi Tattooing on native woman, Easter Island, The Rapa Nui have historically made feather headdresses, bark cloth, wood carvings, and stone carvings. Adzes, blunt round stones, were used to complete stone images and wood carvings. A distinguishing characteristic of Rapa Nui statues is the use of shell or coral inlaid with obsidian to represent eyes. Music of Easter Island Rapa nui traditional music consists of choral singing and chanting accompanied by instruments including conch shell trumpets, percussive dancers, accordions, and kauaha, a percussion instrument created from the jaw bone of a horse.

Modern Rapanui music has had Latin American influences creating new genres such as the Rapa Nui style of tango. Matato’a , one of the most famous musical groups on the island, promotes traditional styles of dance and music. Interaction with the environment[ edit ] This section needs additional citations for verification.


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Add new comment Puerto Rican women have a look of an extraordinary nature. During the whole history Puerto Rico was rendered with a huge influence from many different cultures. The greatest influence exerted Spain, other countries from the Europe, numerous world regions. Subsequently, they came and formed together unique population in local places. In the present days, everyone can see that the residents of this wonderfull island enjoy and are proud of the rich and diverse cultural level.

All of people here also they are an important and excellent part of it. In the th century, Spanish settlers were taken wives women from native american indian tribes, so a mix of nationalities has caused considerable changes in the population. A little bit later, there settled immigrants from France, China, Germany and also African slaves.

They all become a new part of the country’s nation.

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