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The work-life balance was never a factor in his long foreign service career, spanning a steamy backwoods post in Vietnam at the dawn of that war to his last post, the one that arguably killed him, the diplomatic version of the Augean Stables—solving Afghanistan and Pakistan. After his death in , his filmmaker son David Holbrooke set out on a personal project, with the aim of trying to understand the life of his often absent father. The thrice-married Holbrooke was larger than life, a man who, besides negotiating historic peace treaties, was a bon vivant and a limelight hog. Ambassador to the U. Samantha Power, the president of Afghanistan and many more American foreign policy leaders, thinkers and journalists. The film opens with Holbrooke in his boyish early 20s, the classic Kennedy-era American abroad in khakis, Ray-Bans and oxford cloth. Fresh out of college, he was an ambitious young man who had set off to be a journalist but snagged a job in the foreign service first. His sharply worded and critical dispatches from the field, unusual from a junior officer, set the tone for his career. He thrived under Democratic presidents, serving in the Carter, Clinton and Obama administrations in various high-ranking positions, including U. His greatest diplomatic feat was masterminding a peace accord in the Balkans, applying a combination of personal charm and steel on the bully, Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic, as NATO backed him up with bombs.

On Afghanistan, We Know a Distraction When We See It

Advertise Holbrooke, with his long-standing ties to Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton, was a strong supporter of her bid for the White House. He had been considered a favorite to become secretary of state if she had won. When she dropped out, he began reaching out to the campaign of Obama. Reflecting on his role as Obama’s special envoy, Holbrooke wrote in The Washington Post in March that “the conflict in Afghanistan will be far more costly and much, much longer than Americans realize.

U.S. envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Holbrooke, right, poses for photographers prior to a meeting with Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen, left, in The Hague, Netherlands, Monday.

Diplomatic career[ edit ] U. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations from to Galbraith contributed to the uncovering of Saddam Hussein’s systematic destruction of Kurdish villages and use of chemical weapons after visits in and America and the Age of Genocide. He was one of three authors of the ” Z-4 plan ,” an attempt to negotiate a political solution to the Croatian War of Independence.

Galbraith diplomatic interventions facilitated the flow of humanitarian assistance to Bosnia and secured the release of more than 5, prisoners of war held in inhumane conditions by Bosnian Croat forces. In that context, Galbraith advised both the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan PUK , the two main Kurdish parties of Iraq, particularly with a view to encouraging the emergence of a strongly decentralized state.

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Susanna verch Gruffudd ap Cynan 38 was born about House of Aberffraw Source: The same website has him in Thomas Jefferson’s lineage. Another name for Angharad was Anghared verch Owen ap Edwyn. See Person 44 Gruffydd next married someone. Susanna ferch Gryffydd ap Cynan.

the diplomat Richard Holbrooke and the science journalist Laurie Garrett mounted a Two Regimes of Global Health (IHR). The IHR system, dating from the International Sanitary Law, defines states’ mutual obligations in the event of an outbreak of a.

March 13, at 9: Female journalists in America are making their mark in a field that was traditionally dominated by males. Sawyer attended Seneca High School in Louisville, where she was the editor-in-chief for her school newspaper, The Arrow. She participated in many artistic activities, but was insecure and a loner as a teen. Working in the White House Photo: In , she moved to Washington D.

Her sincerity and hard work were appreciated and she became a staff assistant to President Nixon.

Ronald Coase, the author of “The Nature of the Firm” (1937), turns 100 on December 29th

Gezari One evening in September , I squeezed into a room packed with American Marines and British military officers at Camp Leatherneck, the desert base that served as headquarters for the 10, Marines who made up the first wave of President Barack Obama ‘s Afghanistan troop surge. The room was hot and the PowerPoint interminable. But forAfghanistan’stop Marine commander, Brig. Larry Nicholson, the routine briefing was a welcome respite.

When a Marine flashed a slide of Camp Leatherneck’s intake lot, where dozens of supply-laden trucks lined up every day, Nicholson joked, “It looks like Marja!

Free-agent forward Shawn Marion has committed to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers, according to league and Griffin have a longstanding relationship dating to their days together with the Phoenix Suns, during which the year-old made four trips to the All-Star Game.

The rich, the poor and Bulgaria Dec 16th These ideas have penetrated the policy arena, starting in Bhutan, where the concept of Gross National Happiness shapes the planning process. All new policies have to have a GNH assessment, similar to the environmental-impact assessment common in other countries. Then last month, in a touchy-feely gesture not typical of Britain, David Cameron announced that the British government would start collecting figures on well-being.

There are already a lot of data on the subject collected by, for instance, America’s General Social Survey, Eurobarometer and Gallup. Surveys ask two main sorts of question. One concerns people’s assessment of their lives, and the other how they feel at any particular time. The first goes along the lines of: The second is something like: The first sort of question is said to measure global well-being, and the second hedonic or emotional well-being.

They do not always elicit the same response: Statisticians trawl through the vast quantities of data these surveys produce rather as miners panning for gold. They are trying to find the answer to the perennial question: Four main factors, it seems: Women, by and large, are slightly happier than men.

‘The Diplomat’ Explores Richard Holbrooke’s Life and Death in the Foreign Service

This recently occurred to me as I was surfing Arabic-language videos and websites discussing Christianity — only to encounter one hostile video, fatwa, or sermon after another against the cross. According to Al Azhar professor Dr. Salim Abdul Galil , Muslims can be tolerant of the cross — they can even wear and pray before it — but only when in need of deceiving Christians, whom the learned cleric portrayed as the natural enemies of Muslims.

The reason for this animosity is that the cross symbolizes that which Islam was developed in direct contradistinction to. Almost all of the gold coins that belonged to the Christian Byzantine Empire had the image of the cross on one side.

Richard Perle, an informal Dole adviser who worked on behalf of the Bosnian Muslims at the Dayton peace talks, says that other than Richard Holbrooke, Baratta has been the most influential.

Food I’ll drink to that Before he could manage even a sip, a woman executive from Guinness stopped him with a kiss. He was probably not bothered. He is not a big beer drinker anyway, preferring junk food, cigars and the odd Scotch. But the sight of him clutching a pint of Guinness normally goes down well in Ireland. A good image really matters there if he is to continue to play a part in the peace process. Clinton has done lots of drink-related photo opportunities.

During the G8 summit in Birmingham in , he dropped into the Malt House pub for a pint of Greenalls, not out of any sense of nostalgia for the English beer of his student days but because it promoted an image of him back home as an ordinary Joe. Such picture opportunities have become a regular part of the diplomatic scene over the past few years.

Just the month before, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, took Blair out for a night on the town in Moscow, and attempted unsuccessfully to persuade the teetotal press secretary, Alastair Campbell, to sample the vodka. More than any other area of politics, drink is a regular feature of the diplomatic scene, as it has been for centuries. Even in an age of increased consciousness about health, booze diplomacy is still regarded as helpful in establishing an easy rapport at receptions and summits.

The quantity of alcohol consumed in the run-up to the Dayton conference on Bosnia six years ago is legendary. The US envoy, Richard Holbrooke, described night after night of negotiations with the Yugoslav leader, Slobodan Milosevic, as being fuelled by Scotch, wine and plum brandy.

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Yogi Siskand a regular contributor to our site has researched the attacks on the Somnath temple and his research informs the world that attacking Somnath was not simply a Muslim past time in the 11th century and onwards. He describes many raids on Somnath made by other local Hindi and Jain rajas. Somnath, she notes, is first mentioned in the Mahabharata as a place for pilgrimage which did not have a temple until much later.

The Shaivite temple at Somnath actually dates to the late ninth or early tenth century. Somnath was then a thriving port, a great centre of trade with Muslim Arabia and Iran. A sizeable portion of the income that the temple earned from pilgrims was invested in the lucrative West Asian trade.

Even if you exclude those early days, dating the war to the Tonkin Gulf incident “simply isn’t right,” says Richard Holbrooke, U.S. envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, who also served as a diplomat.

Marcus Agius as a son in law; Agius became head of the entire Barclay’s Banking empire of , worldwide employees with its silver ETF holdings! Peterson, top lieutenant of Pilgrims Society member David Rockefeller. Agius currently chairs the British Bankers Association. Rothschild of the centuries old family of financiers of governments and known to be back of the first and second United States Banks and introduced “The Rothschild Plan,” an attack against silver to enhance the value of their gold New York Times, December 6, , page 5 at the International Monetary Conference in Brussels, Belgium Sucking silver out of China, pushing opium over there, Demonetize silver in America, Rothschild’s a billionaire, Let all the world’s little people sink into despair, We’re the world’s bankers A second example of the hard inner core of Pilgrims Society members would be Paul Mellon , second generation member and son of Andrew Mellon, greatest financial genius of the 20th century.

According to biographer William Hoffman in his expose: For eight years Presidents served under him. So powerful was his influence, so great his prestige that he told them what to do and his judgment was final. Bruce, was a direct descendant of Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland. William Hoffman also wrote an unauthorized biography of David Rockefeller in , “David – Report On A Rockefeller,” which was followed by a paperback reprint on the back of which we find this commentary His lifestyle would make Alexander the Great weep with envy.

Rothschild, Mellon, Rockefeller, and many other Pilgrims Society dynasties we won’t profile here, exemplify their ethic of “seizing the wealth necessary. In his autobiography Rockefeller mentions Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations; he did not mention The Pilgrims Society nor his long term membership in it, and the fact of several of his family members being members, and the matter of at least several dozen Rockefeller operatives like Detlev W.

Why, beyond middle age, people get happier as they get older

How we in Britain saw things through the media Many in Britain were aware that Serb forces had terrorised part of Kosovo, provoking hundreds or even thousands to flee from their homes in The KLA was a group or rather several loosely connected groups involved in an armed uprising against the legitimate, though vicious, Serbian government.

It should be remembered that Serbs had lived Kosovo for generations, and that Serbs regard Kosovo as the cradle of their civilisation.

BRUNO OLIVER – SAG-AFTRA Play SlateShot. photos media DRAMA REEL (Performance Video) Satan goes on a Dating Show. THE REAL GIRLS GUIDE TO EVERYTHING ELSE (Comedy) (Performance Video) Richard Holbrooke Saves the World. Solo Show. Off-Chance / Zombie Joes. The Coarse Acting Show. Lead.

World Bilderberg group meeting: No reporters will be allowed in. There will be no opening press conference, no closing statement, and participants will be asked not to quote each other. What is the Bilderberg Group? They just refer to it as forum for informal discussions about the world’s “megatrends” and a chance for participants to “reflect and gather insights”.

What is the Bilderberg group – and who’s invited? The Bilderberg organisers have, though, just released a list those who will be present from June for a three-day meeting chaired by a French count and chairman of the global insurance giant AXA , who likes to spend his weekends at his castle in Anjou. Unlike last year, British Chancellor George Osborne will not be present. Bill Clinton was a conference attendee in , as a mere governor of Arkansas, a year before he was elected US President.

Conference organisers have previously insisted there is no conspiracy to crowbar their chosen people into top jobs, they just have excellent talent spotters. But for now, the more eye-catching Bilderberg attendees due to be rubbing shoulders with senior representatives of Deutsche Bank, the European Central Bank and Lazard — as well as oil giants Shell and BP – will be: After ENA, Mr de Castries audited on behalf of the Minister of Finances of France and became a member of the French Treasury in , where he participated in the privatisations initiated by the Chirac government.

List of Bilderberg participants

Opt out or contact us anytime The rift widened when Mr. Kushner and Stephen K. Tillerson, who had relationships in Qatar dating from his time as the chief executive of Exxon Mobil, argued for the United States to take a neutral position in the dispute in order to keep the Gulf Cooperation Council, a loose association of mostly Sunni Arab nations, together.

Richard Holbrook is 88 years old and was born on 2/2/ Currently, he lives in Meadville, PA. Sometimes Richard goes by various nicknames including richar e holbrook and richar holbrook. His ethnicity is Caucasian, and religious views are listed as Christian.

Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky is a noted spiritualist and theosophist of Russian birth, who in collaboration with Col. Later she transferred her activities to India where in she established the office of the Society in Bombay and in in Adyar near Madras with the following three objects: It may be added that Allama Iqbal seems to have a little more than a mere passing interest in the Theosophical Society and its activities for, as reported by Dr M.

One may also note in Development of Metaphysics in Persia p. The tree which Adam was forbidden to approach 2: He indeed, tells us in Lecture V p. Allama Iqbal was in fact opposed to all kinds of occultism. In it the human ego so to say discovers himself as an individual deeper than his conceptually describable habitual selfhood.

Interview with Richard Holbrooke on Milosevic