Unlike the latter, DC Rebirth isn’t a continuity reboot of the DC Universe ; it’s more akin to Marvel ‘s contemporary line-wide relaunches of late, with notable status quo shifts and new creative teams taking over certain titles, as well as some books being renumbered and others getting new 1s. While some of the creative decisions made during the DC YOU era were acclaimed by critics and readers, it hadn’t boosted sales; in fact, DC’s overall comic figures dropped to what they were before The New 52 launched. Because of this, they decided something had to be done to reignite interest in their books. Geoff Johns —who was personally responsible for the “rebirths” of Green Lantern and The Flash a decade or so earlier— is at the helm of this ambitious project, citing an emphasis on “legacy” and doubling down on what readers have always loved about DC Comics. Additionally, a one-shot called DC Universe: Rebirth penned by Johns himself will be published, laying the groundwork for the rest of the new line. See Young Animal for another series of new book launches designed to bring in new readers, this time harkening back to early ’90s Vertigo Comics.


Family and Youth “I come from a storytelling culture, I love stories. The nation Upper Tanana which is an Athasbaskan language group situated in north west Yukon in Alaska. I was born and raised outside of Yukon, right beside Alaska, lived there until I was Lived in BC the last 8 or 9 years…. My father is British.

NY Yiddish ‘Fiddler On The Roof’ Show Is Extended And Moving To A New Theater Stan Lee is seen onstage at Los Angeles Comic-Con at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Oct. 28, (JTA).

While the rest of the gang was ruled by their hearts and hormones , with Archie in particular perpetually oscillating between Veronica, and Betty; Jughead, Archie’s BFF had just one thing on his priority list: Archie Comics tried to get Jughead to date several women for years, but none of them stuck around.

Following Archie’s footsteps, he later dated Debbie and Joani simultaneously. Until all of it came crashing down as readers protested, as did the essence of what Jughead’s character was all about. Give or take a few other random dates, Archie Comics came out with eight issues where the major plot was Jughead’s various love interests. But the running theme throughout his dating history has been his reluctance to actually be the women.

Talking about the latest Jughead spinoff series, Chip Zdarsky said: They just didn’t have a label for it, so they just called him a woman-hater. But he’s not a misogynist, he just watches his cohorts lose their minds with hormones I think something like asexuality is underrepresented, and since we have a character who was asexual before people had the word for it, I’m continuing to write him that way.

Casual dating for sex positive singles & swinging couples.

Nerd Night Speed Dating Whether its speed dating or gaming tutorials at the end of the day New York Comic Con is really about bringing passionate people together. On the quantitative side we all need to eat, sleep, breathe air, etc. But on the qualitative side everyone at the end of the day, regardless of race, religion, or comic book preference, wants to feel like they belong. The four-day New York edition, from October 8 to 11, includes panels, seminars, and for those single self-proclaimed geek attendees, there is even an opportunity to find love.

Attendees repeatedly told me that they are usually shy, which was something that I was surprised to hear since everyone seemed so engaging and friendly. By the end of the night I almost forgot the one commonality that had brought everyone together.

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The CW’s hit series is still months away from returning to the small screen but the fans were delighted to get their hands on some major spoilers during the Comic-Con panel. According to Variety, the titular character will be dealing with a slightly different villain in the upcoming season, depicting the fight to be between the fastest man alive vs.

Additionally, “The Flash” Season 4 will take a slight turn towards a lighter and funnier season, which can be considered as a breath of fresh air compared to the previous season. Compared to Season 3, the upcoming season is expected to be less dark and will feature more light moments among the cast. It could be possible that the showrunners might have taken the cue from the successful run of “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” where the usual superhero story became a light comedy sprinkled with action.

Helbing himself admitted that they really tried to make the next season a lighter atmosphere and bring more jokes to make up for the dark-themed Season 3. More light moments and a shot at romance Jesse Martin also gave some meaningful “The Flash” Season 4 spoilers which were mainly about Joe and Cecile’s romantic relationship. He teased that the spark between the two will get more serious in the upcoming season so fans better be prepared for some lovey-dovey scenes. Top Videos of the Day Aside from interesting novelties and changes incorporated in the series, Todd Helbing also announced the arrival of new characters in “The Flash” Season 4.

Danny Trejo will be joining the series together with Kim Engelbrecht, who has been cast to play the role of the newest female villain. Iris West’s leadership is a make or break for Team Flash and when Barry Allen decides to return to the team, there might be tension after he sacrificed himself and left his team alone. Click to read more and watch the video or.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I had never speed dated before, but when I saw Tampa Bay Comic Con was offering sessions, it seemed a unique opportunity. Forty of us — 20 men and 20 women — spent three minutes with each other wearing name tags that identified our gender M or F and a number We talked about our favorite comic characters, our day jobs, our reasons for speed dating. I told him I had the opposite problem, that I had spent the last few years as a serial girlfriend, jumping from relationship to relationship until a few months ago.

And since then, I’ve realized that I, a year-old reporter who literally talks to people for a living, have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to dating. I shook his hand, complimenting his white pleather gloves.

The International Pop Overthrow Festival Is Like Speed Dating For The Rock ‘N Roll Set. Mary Huhn – New York Post. International Pop Overthrow. IPO is coming soon to a city near YOU! Up Next-Hamilton, Ontario: November 15 through 17, at This Ain’t Hollwyood!!

Posted in Convention , Geek Life , Opinion , Tutorial by technikitty Finding love is hard for anyone but finding love when you are a geek? Now that adds a whole new level of awkward. Trying to date outside the geek circle, aka trying to date a normie, can be hard and often frustration. A growing trend at cons is the introduction of Geek Speed Dating.

Basically Speed Dating involves people sitting across from one another and engaging in 3 to 8 minute mini dates, which are basically just conversations. Geek Speed Dating is basically the same as any other form of speed dating except for the fact that everyone present are geeks! But enough about what the event is. Now I am going to give some advice on what to do and not to do at Geek Speed Dating.

Now is not the time to break out your t shirt with inappropriate imagery or slogans. Yes it can sometimes be a conversation starter but it may scare some people off or send out the wrong message. Make sure you are well groomed and Keep the twins at home: Now is really not the time to break out your sexiest duds. Leave somethings to the imagination.

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Every hour or so, there was a new superhero movie panel, image, trailer or revelation. How ‘Star Wars’ won Comic-Con — while revealing nearly nothing I started back at him, wordlessly, and nodded — even though I spent so much of my adolescence praying for superhero movies. Then, on Monday, the all-star Suicide Squad movie, starring multiple Academy Award nominees and winners, hit YouTube — and it broke me.

We’ll soon start on the new program and site, but for now we just have the information. However, you can buy tickets and the first cost just € ! AnimeCon is an international festival for fans of anime, cosplay, games, manga and other modern Asian popular culture.

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JAN 18th-20th, 2019 in Albuquerque, NM.

He is clearly the most influential character in the comic book super-hero genre. The character of Superman, however, has always been depicted as having been raised with a solidly Protestant upbringing by his adoptive Midwestern parents – Jonathan and Martha Kent. Of Clark’s parents, Martha is the more devout churchgoer. Clark Kent was raised as a Methodist. While growing up in Smallville, Kansas, Clark Kent attended Sunday church services at the local Methodist church with his mother, Martha Kent, every week until he was fourteen years old.

Sophisticated Simplicity. Our events offer a fresh alternative to gay speed dating and matchmaking in New York City. We don’t find anything romantic about whistles, name-tags or over-the-top party trimmings typically found at singles events so we have done away with them.

Getting his start in Atlanta’s music scene before moving to New York and consulting for brands, Black has been in the trenches of social media and the “personal brand” long enough to know exactly how not to behave, both online and off. Black, who delivers these lessons with tongue firmly planted in cheek — the first tip is “don’t take yourself too seriously” and the last is “nobody likes a know-it-all” — took our call to elaborate on a few of our favorite pieces of advice from the book. He’ll be discussing it further at BookSoup in Los Angeles this Saturday; check the flyer below for details.

It’s like, “Dude, shut the fuck up. Shouldn’t that buy you some taste at some point? That’s the least-cool shit in the entire world. He’s like this Americana rock guy, but it was very similar. He goes, “All I wanna do is be a comic book artist. You’re already a somewhat successful musician. We’re not saving lives. I think New York specifically breeds some of that:

Comic-Con Guide

Are you going to Comic Con in ? I hope your holidays involved lots of parties, presents and Christmas cookies – and if you were freezing in the Northeast like I was, a fireplace. But now’s the time to think about where you really want to go and when you need to make it happen.

The Urban Jewish Event Guide of New York. If it isn’t here, it isn’t happening. The Urban Jewish Event Guide of New York. If it isn’t here, it isn’t happening. Speed Dating for Jewish Professionals. Saturday, November 24, – pm Stan Lee is seen onstage at Los Angeles Comic-Con at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Oct. 28,

But it was a good time overall, and the memories will last a lifetime. Got my copy of The Foot Soldiers Vol. What are the things that are fun to do at NYCC, and what are the things to avoid? What are the keys to having a good time? I cannot stress this enough. When I was attending in a professional capacity, this was the single best piece of advice the head of my company gave all of us.

Additionally, I recommend checking your coat and any heavy bags you might have on you. While bathrooms are in ample supply within the convention halls, affordable food vendors are not. While there, you will have to choose between subsisting on whatever you can cram into your backpack protein bars, energy drinks and the like or paying exorbitant prices for food that would be sub-standard at a high school cafeteria. Additionally, be sure to bring at least one bottle of water.

New York Comic Con – October 3 – 6, 2019

Andrew Cuomo questioned Sunday why state Republicans would have invited the founder of a far-right group to speak in Manhattan, and he blamed them and President Donald Trump for violent clashes that took place after the speech. In a conference call with reporters, the Democratic governor called the invitation to Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes to speak at the Metropolitan Republican Club a “political tactic because what they’re trying to do is fire up their base” ahead of the midterm elections.

The Proud Boys is made up of males who describe themselves as “western chauvinists.

El Paso Comic Con is happy to announce Paul Schrier (Bulk) and Jason Narvy (Skull) of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will be featured guests at El Paso Comic Con Read More. October 16, Jason David Frank & Steve Cardenas at EPCON Power Ranger alumni Jason David Frank and Steve Cardenas will be featured guests at El Paso Comic Con.

Felicity in DC Bombshells. In an alternate history version of World War II depicted in DC Comics Bombshells , a young Felicity and her family were evicted from their house in Gotham City by their landlord because they violated the law by taking care of some relatives, who have fled the horrors of Europe. The landlord tries to take some of their personal belongings, justifying as taking back rent.

Felicity argues with him, saying she won’t turn her back to her own family. Fortunately, a team of Batgirls come to the rescue, saving the Smoak family and all their belongings. Felicity and her family are later moved to a safe house by the young heroines. United set in the United States in In order to fully analyze the source of the signal, Felicity locks herself in the radio tower, exposing her to the mind control. She is able to write the location down and show it to the waiting Frankie Charles before succumbing to its effects.

She was originally introduced in the third episode of season one, “Lone Gunman”, as a one-off character, [15] Due to the positive reaction both from Stephen Amell [16] and from Warner Brothers producer Peter Roth [17] [18] the character was made recurring in season one. From season two onwards, she became part of the main cast. She also appears in a season three episode of the Earth set series Supergirl , during the Arrowverse crossover event ” Crisis on Earth-X “.

The character is portrayed as an I.

Speed Dating Goes Sci-Fi at MegaCon!!!